Forever Sea, The

Joshua Johnson

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd

Published: 19-01-2021



The Name of the Wind meets Pirates of the Caribbean

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Kindred Greyreach keeps The Errant afloat. She sings the language of the hearthfire and builds complicated structures of bone to prevent the ship from sinking below the prairie grasses. Kindred learned everything she knows from her grandmother, the legendary Marchess. But the Marchess has disappeared, walking into the forest-sea as if she were walking down a set of stairs. Kindred needs to find the truth: why and how did the Marchess disappear? Can Kindred trust her own people? And most importantly: what lies below the sea? These questions take Kindred further than she’s ever voyaged on the Forever Sea, to a floating pirate city in decay, to dangerous encounters with gargantuan wyrms from the deeps, and finally to a hidden world beneath the waves. THE FOREVER SEA is a story about the beauty and threat of nature and the relationship between finite natural resources and infinite greed. It’s about leaving behind everything that is familiar and plunging into the terrifying unknown.

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Dimensions 130 × 198 mm
Page Count 480