Food Of The Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Psychedelics and Human Evolution

Terence McKenna

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Ebury Publishing

Published: 06-05-1999


Reissued because of the current interest in Ecstasy, this is McKenna’s extraordinary quest to discover the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. He wonders why we are so fascinated by altered states of consciousness, do they reveal something about our origins as human beings and our place in nature?

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‘The single most influential spokesperson for organic psychedelics’ The Independent What can altered states of consciousness reveal about our origins and our place in nature?In this landmark piece of psychedelic literature renowned ethnobotanist and psychonaut Terence McKenna explores our ancient relationship with organic psychedelics and opens a doorway to a higher state of being for us all. An odyssey of mind, body and spirit, Food of the Gods is one of the most fascinating and surprising histories of consciousness ever written. A daring work of scholarship and exploration, it offers an inspiring vision for individual fulfilment and a humane basis for our interaction with each other and the natural world.’The modern classic on mind-altering drugs and hallucinogens’ The Washington Post

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