Fit: Smash your goals and stay strong for life

Paul Olima

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

Published: 7th Jan '21


A general book for those seeking motivation and advice in order to get the most out of going to the gym – and any other sport they are doing.

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‘Paul Olima is undoubtedly my favourite discovery on social media. Paul’s incredible attitude, ethos and positivity is reflected in all lines of his work.’ James Smith ‘When it comes to hitting goals and kicking ass? Don’t look any further than Paul Olima. Positivity, energy consistency are just three of the words that describe this guy. I’d have no hesitation in recommending his book to anyone looking to change their body, their outlook and their life.’ Paul Mort ‘Paul Olima is guaranteed to help you smash all of your fitness goals and have loads of fun on the journey.’ Jay MortonAre you looking to start your fitness journey, or is it time to take your workouts to the next level? Regardless of your goals, this is a straightforward guide to serious results – from how to start to how to stick with it, and keep progressing. Paul Olima, former professional football and rugby player, uses his expertise, humour and, sometimes, plain common sense to help you find your way in fitness. You will get past excuses and fear of failure and gain confidence by finding workouts and creating routines that you enjoy. Because being fit is a lifestyle. It’s about having a positive mindset, healthy habits and fuelling your body with the right nutrition. Paul busts common fitness myths and doesn’t offer any quick fixes, but a sustainable and holistic approach. Whether you are interested in bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, running, boxing, yoga, calisthenics, CrossFit, HIIT, football or rugby, Paul will guide you to the right way to train for you. Learn to: Set realistic goals.Create a workout plan.Use the right techniques and equipment.Find the right form of exercise for the results you want. This book holds all you need to know about how to show up and smash your goals, and how to be active, healthy and fit – for life. It’s about finding what is right for you, and doing fitness your way. Ready? Let’s get it!

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Page Count 336