Fighting American: The Ties That Bind

Andie Tong (illustrator), Gordon Rennie

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd

Published: 11-09-2018


The further battles of Fighting American, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s legendary super hero, originally created back in 1954. This all-new collection written by Gordon Rennie and drawn by Andie Tong, sees the ultimate icon of truth, justice and the American battling enemies while battling to fit into a strange new world!

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With their nemesis, MADAME CHAOS now successfully behind bars, life’s still not getting any easier for the 1950 superhero icon FIGHTING AMERICAN and his young teenage sidekick, SPEEDBOY, who find themselves marooned in the 21st Century. Now Fighting American, Speedboy and their FBI handler, AGENT RUTHERFORD must track down all the deadly hi-tech gadgetry Madame Chaos sold to extremists on the Dark Web. Meanwhile one of the villains brought from the past, the notorious DOUBLE HEADER, is now the head of the FBI and making life hell for our plucky heroes! Added to that is the problem of a long lost Great Nephew or should that be Grandson and a bust up between FA and Speedboy and it’s plain to see that life’s not getting any easier for our all-American hero.

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