Fat: the Secret Organ: The surprising science behind the most misunderstood part of the body

Colleen Higgins, Liesbeth van Rossum, Mariette Boon

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Quercus Publishing

Published: 7th Jan '21


The groundbreaking science behind why we need to rethink our relationship with a much-maligned organ: fat

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The International Bestseller, as featured in The Times Fat is a vital yet hugely under-rated organ. Fat has become a dirty word, but we know so little about how it really works. In Fat, expert doctors and obesity researchers Dr Mariette Boon and Professor Liesbeth van Rossum present the ground-breaking research which explodes many of the myths and prejudices surrounding body fat and will make us completely rethink our relationship with it. Making use of the cutting-edge research in this specialist field, this fascinating and entertaining book will explain how fat generates important hormones, communicates with our brains and is, indeed, essential for staying alive. Informative yet accessible, Fat: The Secret Organ is important reading, not only for people who have struggled with their weight, but for everybody who is serious about their health.

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