Every Deep-Drawn Breath: an intensive-care doctor’s notes on healing

Wes Ely

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Scribe Publications

Published: 14th Oct '21


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An intensive-care doctor reveals the long-term problems caused by ICUs, and how these can be prevented. Thousands of people are admitted to intensive-care units (ICUs) every day, and this is only increasing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of these admissions will be sudden, unexpected, and harrowing – an experience that can alter patients and their families in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways, with effects that endure for years. But there is hope. Dr Ely is a leading ICU doctor. His unconventional methods minimise patients being harmed by the cutting-edge technologies that are saving their lives; post-intensive care syndrome (PICS) is a well-established complication that millions of ICU survivors battle, which Dr Ely aims to eradicate. His cutting-edge studies have convinced doctors around the world to change their ICU practices for the better. Through captivating stories, Dr Ely shows how he and colleagues from around the world have re-introduced humanity into the ICU, creating pathways that bring hope and healing to healthcare. This is the future of medicine, and is a must-read for healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

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Dimensions 25 × 153 × 234 mm
Page Count 352