Easy Ikebana: 30 Beautiful Flower Arrangements You Can Make in Three Simple Steps

Shinichi Nagatsuka

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Published: 03-11-2020


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Cut, place and embellish. With the easy 3-step technique and design guidelines in Easy Ikebana, making an extraordinary flower arrangement is that simple!You don’t need exotic flowers or expensive vases to create a stunning floral arrangement. Even a single flower from your garden or local market, combined with a simple container that matches its size and shape, will result in a uniquely beautiful addition to your space. Water, a pair of scissors, and maybe a few leaves, sprigs, or wildflowers are the only other items you’ll need to complete your arrangement.With Easy Ikebana, even the most inexperienced beginner will:Become familiar with different types of seasonal flowers, what they require and how to handle themDevelop a sense of proportion to create a balanced arrangementLearn how to choose and use greenery in your arrangements, whether you’re placing one flower or severalPick up tips for making cut flowers last longerDiscover ways to make a strong statement using very few componentsThese arrangements show how striking understatement can be-not to mention how affordable. The gentle lessons in this book will make flower-arranging a relaxing and satisfying activity season after season, and the stunning photos will inspire practitioners at all levels with the beauty and power of simplicity-the heart of ikebana.

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