Don’t Worry, Murray!: A Child’s Guide to Help Overcome Worries

Anna Adams, Josiane Vlitos

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group, Summersdale Publishers

Published: 16th Dec '21


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Don’t worry, be happy! A vibrant and fun story book, Don’t Worry, Murray! helps guide young minds towards a calmer and more positive outlook It’s Murray the dog’s first day at his new school and he can’t wait to start his next BIG adventure. That’s until he begins to worry! Luckily, Hoots the owl is here to guide Murray over the Worry Hill and help him overcome his fears. This encouraging and thoughtful book includes practical steps to help children learn calming breathing techniques, and to show them the benefits of mindfulness and positive thinking. With the help of the main characters, your child will learn how to tackle their worries, and bring them calmly under control. This book is entertaining, engaging and easy to follow for readers aged 4 to 7. The enchanting illustrations help to bring the story to life, and the lovable characters help young minds connect to the story’s overall message.

Additional information

Dimensions 216 × 216 mm
Page Count 32