Bill Beverly

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Oldcastle Books Ltd

Published: 5th Dec '16


One of the greatest literary crime novels you will read in your lifetime’ – Donald Ray Pollock

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When East, a low-level lookout for a Los Angeles drug organisation, loses his watch house in a police raid, his boss recruits him for a very different job: a road trip to assassinate a judge in Wisconsin. Having no choice, East and a crew of untested boys leave the only home they ve ever known in a nondescript blue van, with a roll of cash, a map and a gun they shouldn t have. Along the way, the country surprises East. The blood on his hands isn’t the blood he expects. And he reaches places where only he can decide which way to go – or which person to become.

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Dimensions 129 × 198 mm
Page Count 320