Dictionary of Ancient Magic Words and Spells: From Abraxas to Zoar

Claude Lecouteux

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Inner Traditions Bear and Company

Published: 19th Nov '15


A comprehensive handbook of more than 1,000 magical words, phrases, symbols, and secret alphabets

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From Abracadabra to the now famous spells of the Harry Potter series, magic words are no longer confined to the practices of pagans, alchemists, witches, and occultists. They have become part of the popular imagination of the Western world. Passed down from ancient Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, these words and the rituals surrounding them have survived through the millennia because they work. And as scholar Claude Lecouteux reveals, often the more impenetrable they seem, the more effective they are. Presenting a wealth of material on magical words, signs, and charms, both common and obscure, Lecouteux also explores the magical words and spells of ancient Scandinavia, the Hispano-Arabic magic of Spain before the Reconquista, the traditions passed down from ancient Egypt, and those that have stayed in use until the present day.

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