Diary of a Film

Niven Govinden

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Brown Book Group, Little

Published: 18th Feb '21


The latest novel from Niven Govinden, author of This Brutal House.

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An auteur, together with his lead actors, is at a prestigious European festival to premiere his latest film.Alone one morning at a backstreet cafe, he strikes up a conversation with a local woman who takes him on a walk to uncover the city’s secrets, historic and personal. As the walk unwinds, a story of love and tragedy emerges, and he begins to see the chance meeting as fate. He is entranced, wholly clear in his mind: her story must surely form the basis for his next film.This is a novel about cinema, flaneurs, and queer love – it is about the sometimes troubled, sometimes ecstatic creative process, and the toll it takes on its makers.But it is also a novel about stories, and the ongoing question of who has the right to tell them.

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