D-Day Diary: Life on the Front Line in the Second World War

Carol Harris

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: The History Press Ltd

Published: 1st Jun '21


First-hand accounts of what D-Day was really like for those who took part in Operation Overlord

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6 June 1944 is one of the most memorable dates of the Second World War. It marked the beginning of the end of the conflict as Allied forces invaded Normandy and fought their way into Nazi-occupied Europe. Operation Overlord, as the invasion was codenamed, was an incredible feat. It also proved to be a turning point that would eventually result in the defeat of Nazi Germany. Around 150,000 soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy on the first day in the largest amphibious operation in history. Within a month more than 1 million men had been put ashore.As memory becomes history, first-hand accounts of this incredible moment become more and more precious. In D-Day Diary, historian Carol Harris brings together remarkable tales of bravery, survival and sacrifice from what was one of the war’s most dramatic and pivotal episodes.

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