Cornucopia: The Green Cookbook

Aoife Carrigy, Tony Keogh

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Gill

Published: 18th Oct '19


The vegan cookbook from Dublin’s famous vegan and vegetarian restaurant, Cornucopia.

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Cornucopia, on Dublin’s Wicklow Street, has been serving up delicious vegetarian and vegan fare for more than 33 years. Their mission has always been to make great tasting, home produced, healthy food. At a time when plant-based eating is more popular than ever, Cornucopia is a pioneer in creating delicious meals packed with vegetables, legumes, fruits, herbs and spices. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or are trying to cut down on your meat intake, this book brings you punchy flavours and unique, satisfying dishes. With a wide range of ingredients and smart culinary tips and ideas, each recipe is a delight to cook in your own home. This is a cookbook for anyone who feels there is merit in reducing or limiting our consumption of animal-based foods, brought to you from Cornucopia’s long-standing head chef Tony Keogh, the staff of Cornucopia and Aoife Carrigy.

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