Cornish Lady, The: A sweeping historical romance for fans of Bridgerton

Nicola Pryce

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Published: 07-03-2019


The fourth novel in a stunning series set in eighteenth-century Cornwall, perfect for fans of Poldark.

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The fourth novel in a stunning romance series set in eighteenth-century Cornwall, perfect for fans of BRIDGERTON.Educated, beautiful and the daughter of a prosperous merchant, Angelica Lilly has been invited to spend the summer in high society. Her father’s wealth is opening doors, and attracting marriage proposals, but Angelica still feels like an imposter among the aristocrats of Cornwall. When her brother returns home, ill and under the influence of a dangerous man, Angelica’s loyalties are tested to the limit. Her one hope lies with coachman Henry Trevelyan, a softly spoken, educated man with kind eyes. But when Henry seemingly betrays Angelica, she has no one to turn to. Who is Henry, and what does he want? And can Angelica save her brother from a terrible plot that threatens to ruin her entire family?

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