Paul Prescott, William Shakespeare

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 25-06-2015


A peerless general is offered the consulship of Rome after his triumph over the city of Corioles. Too proud to respect the will of the people, however, he soon finds himself despised by the mob, and speaks out passionately against popular rule. Driven from the city as a traitor, he allies himself with his old enemies and begins to plot.

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‘Unable to rely on heaven, we look to Shakespeare as a contemporary conscience’ Peter ConradCoriolanus, a famed warrior turned politician, is driven from Rome as a traitor when he arrogantly speaks out against popular rule and loses the good will of the starving people. Banished and embittered, he allies himself with his former enemies and begins to plot a merciless revenge on Rome. Shakespeare’s politically ambiguous late tragedy of a great soldier who fails to be a great leader questions the notion of heroism and what power really means. Used and Recommended by the National TheatreGeneral Editor Stanley WellsEdited by G. R. Hibbard Introduction by Paul Prescott

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