Coping successfully with Ulcerative Colitis

Peter Cartwright

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: John Murray Press

Published: 26-11-2020


Practical and reassuring advice to help you or a loved one successfully manage the symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

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If you’ve been diagnosed – or think you might be soon – with ulcerative colitis, you will know that it has symptoms which can be painful, disruptive and frequently embarrassing. Although a common condition, it is one not often talked about, which makes the practical advice given in this handbook even more indispensable.In Coping Successfully with Ulcerative Colitis, Peter Cartwright offers clear, accessible information about the condition. He outlines the causes and explains which diagnostic tests are necessary and what treatments are available. The book also gives helpful strategies for self-management through diet and other lifestyle changes. Should surgery become necessary, there is step-by-step guidance on to what to expect, both during a hospital stay and afterwards, and reassuring insights on adjusting to a stoma.This practical, readable and clinically comprehensive book will reassure you or your loved one, offering an opportunity to live life to the full, free from the limitations imposed by ulcerative colitis.

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