Concise World Atlas: Everything You Need to Know About Our Planet Today


Format: Hardback

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Published: 01-03-2016


Featuring over 640 maps created with the digital mapping techniques, this book provides an overview of the physical, political, economic and demographic geography of the world.

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See the Earth revealed in amazing detail through more than 640 spectacular maps, along with fascinating fact files about countries all over the world.The world is a big place, but this best-selling reference atlas keeps things suitably small for children and adults alike. More than 640 stunning maps come together in DK’s Concise World Atlas, from the frozen ice of Antarctica to the hot tropics of Africa. Terrain models show features of the land, while informative text, photographs, and diagrams combine to create a superb overview of the world’s physical, political, economic, and demographic geography. Careful presentation and easy language ensure the information stays clear and concise for younger readers throughout the book.196 nations are detailed in fascinating fact files, alongside information about the country’s land use, industries, and population distribution. An index bursting with 80,000 entries makes the Concise World Atlas an essential desktop reference for homes, schools, and businesses.

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