Ozgur Uyanik

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Fairlight Books

Published: 02-07-2020


A dark comedy, set in the world of modern art with a sociopathic anti-hero desperate to succeed. Takes aim at who and what determines the value of conceptual art.

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Enter Anonymous, a middle-ranking artist rolling between minor shows in New York, London and Istanbul. With his career sliding into obscurity, shamefully forced to consider advertising work to make ends meet, he knows he must break new ground if he is to survive. With his mother’s encouragement, he decides upon his next work of art: an act of self-violation so outrageous, so horrific, the art world will be forced to take notice. But will it be enough to raise him to the ranks of the elite? Conception is the journey of a sociopath who will do whatever it takes to get ahead; a dark comedy exploring who and what determines the value of art.