Christmas: Tradition, Truth and Total Baubles

Nick Page

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 29th Oct '20


***featured in the Evening Standard’s best humour books of 2020***Fun, quirky facts about the fascinating history of Christmas — a perfect stocking-filler

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Why is Christmas the way it is? How did we get from the birth of Jesus to everyone pushing their credit card and their belts to their maximum extent? Starting with the events surrounding Jesus’ birth, this book takes us through centuries of commemoration, celebration and over-consumption. Along the way we’ll find out why we eat turkey, how an obscure Turkish saint turned into a man flying a sleigh, and why that tree in your house should really contain an apple and a snake. Combining in-depth historical research, cheerfully irreverent humour and cutting-edge guesswork, Nick Page explores what this festival really means, and how we can get back to something real and true beneath all that wrapping.

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