Cho Snog ‘S a Tha Thu

Alison Lang

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Sandstone Press Ltd

Published: 15-10-2015


Jealousy inspires an online deception that threatens a social network and the woman who created it.

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Naomi was always the geeky hanger-on at uni, but now her social networking app Snog has taken the internet by storm and suddenly she’s rich and famous and running a huge company. It’s more than her jealous friend Jeni can bear, and it’s all too easy to set up a fake online profile and start making mischief.Gaelic Text: Eil fhios agad co tha a’ bruidhinn riut air an eadar-lion? Eil e gu diofar cho fad ‘s a tha iad snog? Bidh Naomi a’ cur cus earbsa ann an daoine, agus anns an app a chruthaich i, Snog, a tha a’ brosnachadh modh is coibhneas air-loidhne. Tha torr aice ri ionnsachadh.Lasag’s series of Gaelic readers offers young adults a range of engaging, easy-to-read fiction, with English chapter summaries and glossaries to assist Gaelic learners.

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