Cheesemonger’s Compendium of British & Irish Cheese, A

Ned Palmer

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd

Due to be published: 7th Oct '21

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‘Palmer wears his extraordinary range of knowledge lightly, but he is serious too… the best kind of social history, the kind you can eat’ John Lanchester ‘Palmer writes with pace and passion … Full of flavour’ Sunday Times ‘Ned Palmer is an erudite, charming guide to all things cheese – and his book will make you want to eat nothing but cheese all day long.’ Kate Williams, Historian and broadcaster ‘Palmer is both a cheesemonger and a cheese historian – encyclopaedic, forensic and geekily obsessed with the stuff. He writes in a jolly patter: warm, wry and deliciously digressive.’ Wendell Steavenson, Financial Times A Cheesemonger’s Compendium is a must-have for cheese lovers – introducing the finest 150 cheeses from across the British Isles. It is a perfect companion for readers of Ned Palmer’s acclaimed Cheesemonger’s History of The British Isles, whether you’re pondering the deli counter or ordering cheese from gourmet sites online. Each exceptional cheese on Palmer’s cheeseboard is given a deliciously readable flavour profile and accompanied by a morsel of history or a dash of folklore. Palmer adds stories of eccentric and colourful cheesemakers past and present as he celebrates both traditional farmhouse and modern artisanal cheeses. The Compendium is also an education, with its entries arranged by the key groups of fresh, mould-ripened, washed-rind, blue and hard, as well as by their milk – goat, sheep and cow. Palmer explains the production and character of each group and adds pithy and practical guides on how to buy your cheese like a monger, how to cut and store it, and how to match cheese with a wide variety of drinks. At the end of the book is a full-colour map-gazetteer of the best cheesemongers of Britain and Ireland, pinpointing each cheese’s origins.

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Dimensions 129 × 198 mm
Page Count 192