Chalk Artist, The

Allegra Goodman

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Published: 3rd May '18


From New York Times bestselling novelist Allegra Goodman comes an inventive, big-hearted and big-brained modern-day romance.

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Collin is young, creative, and unhappy. A college dropout, he waits tables and spends his free time beautifying the streets of his hometown, with a box of chalk. Collin’s art captivates passers-by with its vibrant colours and intricate lines – until the moment he wipes it all away. Nothing in Collin’s life is meant to last. That is, until he meets Nina. The daughter of a mega-rich virtual-reality mogul, Nina is trying to give back as a high school teacher – but her students won’t listen to her. When Collin enters her world, he inspires her to be a better version of herself. Nina wants to return the favour.

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