Cat and The City, The: ‘Vibrant and accomplished’ David Mitchell

Nick Bradley

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Atlantic Books

Published: 6th May '21


‘Nick Bradley’s ingenious choreography of a constantly moving city, is touching, surprising and sometimes heartbreaking.’ Guardian

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A BBC Radio 2 Book Club Pick’A love letter to Japan and its literature’ Rowan Hisayo Buchanan’Ingenious… Touching, surprising and sometimes heartbreaking’ Guardian’An ideal tonic for anyone craving far-flung adventure’ Mail on Sunday’If you’re itching to read a new novel by David Mitchell…try this’ The Times_______________In Tokyo – one of the world’s largest megacities – a stray cat is wending her way through the back alleys. And, with each detour, she brushes up against the seemingly disparate lives of the city-dwellers, connecting them in unexpected ways.But the city is changing. As it does, it pushes her to the margins where she chances upon a series of apparent strangers – from a homeless man squatting in an abandoned hotel, to a shut-in hermit afraid to leave his house, to a convenience store worker searching for love. The cat orbits Tokyo’s denizens, drawing them ever closer.’Masterfully weaves together seemingly disparate threads to conjure up a vivid tapestry of Tokyo; its glory, its shame, its characters, and a calico cat.’ David Peace, author of THE TOKYO TRILOGYOne of the Independent’s best debutsLonglisted for the DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD, 2021

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