Captain Tom Moore

Sally Morgan, Sarah Papworth

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2nd Sep '21


Captain Tom Moore: fundraiser, WWII veteran, the nation’s hero.

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Captain Tom Moore: fundraiser, World War Two veteran, the nation’s hero. Read all about the life of Captain Tom Moore who went above and beyond for his country and the NHS. From his early life in Keighley, to the fundraiser walk for the NHS Charities that inspired generations, celebrate the life of a hero. A Life Story: this gripping series throws the reader directly into the lives of modern society’s most influential figures. With striking black-and-white illustration along with timelines and never-heard-before facts. Also in the series: Katherine Johnson: A Life Story Stephen Hawking: A Life Story Alan Turing: A Life Story Rosalind Franklin: A Life Story Serena Williams: A Life Story Kamala Harris: A Life Story

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