Cabins: Escape to Nature

Damon Hayes Couture

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd

Published: 24-07-2019


If you’re dreaming about escaping to a beautiful cabin in a stunning setting, or homesteading off-the-grid, then Cabins – a collection of more than 35 gorgeous designs – is the book for you.

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Almost everyone has indulged in the irresistible notion of carving out a romantic rural refuge in a typically rustic setting, beside a beach or meadow, in the mountains, or other pristine environments. This book brings together the infinite number of possibilities of beautiful and creative cabin designs set in idyllic locations where access to nature is unimpeded. There’s a growing trend for living in a small getaway, but that needn’t mean living in cramped, unimaginative spaces. Cabins: Hidden Places, Stylish Spaces showcases the challenges of how small floor plans and compact interiors can be overcome with inventive modern design solutions and the innovative use of technology. Once-basic structures are now evolving into fancy dwellings that offer off-grid living with low impact on the environment, all the while cocooning the occupants in differing levels of comfort, from rustic formats with basic necessities, to some which offer facilities for luxury living. From artist studios to alpine shelters, beachside shacks to rural retreats, this book is an endless source of inspiration for armchair architects and those seeking to create a peaceful sanctuary that fuses distilled ingenuity with eco-friendly style.

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Dimensions 212 × 280 mm
Page Count 300