Books Make Good Pets

John Agard, Momoko Abe

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

Published: 03-09-2020


An uplifting and funny celebration of the magic of books by John Agard, winner of the Queens Gold Medal for Poetry.

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Books make good pets and don’t need going to the vet.You don’t have to keep them on a lead or throw them a stick.They’ll wag their words whenever you flick their dog-eared pages.Even howl an ancient tale for the inward-listening ear.Did you know that a book can take you anywhere? You only need to turn the pages of a story, and in a moment, you and your book could be crossing the waves in a pirate ship… or diving with mermaids… or even snoozing with a dragon.Books really DO make good pets! Why don’t you peep inside this one, and take your mind on an adventure?This delightful original picture book poem is the perfect gift for anyone who delights in the magic of a good book. Agard’s evocative, lyrical style is perfectly complemented with illustrations by Momoko Abe, whose colourful visuals add character, transporting the reader into an enchanting world of imagination.

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