Big Questions Book of Sex & Consent, The

Donna Freitas

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Levine Querido

Published: 15-09-2020


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What this book is NOT:The fear-based How-To on sex and consent, oversimplified and focused on technicalities, that represents so much of our sexual education today.What this book IS:A journey into the Big Questions that will turn you into a thinking person about sex and consent, with the ability to wrestle towards the answers that work for YOU and continue to wrestle towards them for the rest of your life.What is the meaning and purpose of sex? How does it intersect with who I am? Why are people so afraid of it? What does a healthy and joyful approach to sex look like for me? Why is consent so much more than a yes or no question?Who this book is FOR:Everybody!! No matter your sexuality, gender, religion, or race.What could be more essential?

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Dimensions 165 × 222 mm
Page Count 320