Big Bunny

Rowboat Watkins

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Published: 06-04-2018


A funny picture book about a parent and child telling each other a bedtime story that just isn’t scary enough.

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Once upon a time there was a book about . . .MONSTERS!No.SPACE ALIENS?Nope . . . a BUNNY!A GIANT SCARY TRUCK-EATING BUNNY?!?Um . . . well, maybe it was a tiny bit big.From the curious mind of Rowboat Watkins comes a ginormously imaginative story that is as funny as it is philosophical. How big is Big Bunny? And how will this story end? Delightfully meta and humorously subversive, Big Bunny will take its place as the next go-to story about stories.

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Dimensions 229 × 229 mm
Page Count 40