Art of Discarding, The: How to get rid of clutter and find joy

Angus Turvill, Nagisa Tatsumi

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 11-01-2018


In the beginning there was The Art of Discarding; the life-changing book that started the tidying revolution.

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The original Japanese edition of The Art of Discarding, titled Suteru! Gijutsu, was published in 2000 and became an overnight sensation – selling a million copies in six months and inspiring a young Marie Kondo. The book has since become a multimillion-copy international bestseller, but it has never been translated into English, until now. In this guide to living a calmer, more ordered life, renowned author Nagisa Tatsumi teaches us how letting go of unwanted things will transform our day-to-day happiness. The book offers practical advice and techniques to help readers learn to let go of stuff that is holding them back, as well as tips for acquiring less in the first place.It’s time to live with less.

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