Anthill, The

Julianne Pachico

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Published: 6th May '21


Matty – her childhood friend, her best friend, her brother, her protector – now runs the Anthill, a day care refuge for the street kids of Medellin.

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‘A brilliant, feverishly imaginative novel.’ Sharlene Teo ‘Seriously impressive.’ Claire Adam ‘A vibrantly intelligent work.’ Sergio de la Pava ‘Superb.’ Kelly Link Lina returns to Colombia after twenty years away. Sent to England after her mother’s death when she was eight, she’s searching for the person who can tell her what’s happened in the time that has passed. Matty – Lina’s childhood confidant, her best friend – now runs a refuge called The Anthill for the street kids of Medellin. But her long-anticipated reunion with him is struck by tension. Memory is fallible, and Linda discovers that everyone has a version of the past that is very, very different. ‘International in scope, profoundly human in its concerns, it feels like just the kind of novel we need in unsettling times.’ Laird Hunt

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