Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang – World Book Day 2020

Laura Ellen Anderson

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Egmont UK Ltd, HarperCollins Publishers

Published: 27th Feb '20


MEET AMELIA FANG A plucky little vampire who’s just like you and me …

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MEET AMELIA FANG A plucky little vampire who’s just like you and me … Amelia Fang is feeling anxious. Everyone in her class has to write their own stories and read them out loud to the class – but for the first time ever, Amelia has run out of ideas! And she doesn’t feel like she can ask for help. So she decides to gets some inspiration from one of the many books in Loose Limb Library. But when Amelia and her friends get there, the gang discovers big bite marks in every book! Bookworms have invaded and they chomp through EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in their path. How will Amelia save all the books – and her friends – before it’s too late? Sink your fangs into the exclusive World Book Day edition of the hilarious and charming AMELIA FANG by bestselling author and illustrator, Laura Ellen Anderson – perfect for readers of 7+ Discover all of Amelia Fangs’ other fangtastic adventures: Amelia Fang and the Barbaric BallAmelia Fang and the Unicorn LordsAmelia Fang and the Memory ThiefAmelia Fang and the Half-Moon HolidayAmelia Fang and the Lost Yeti TreasureAmelia Fang and the Naughty Caticorns

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Page Count 80