Almost Lost Arts

Emily Freidenrich, Margaret Shepherd, Narayan Khandekar

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Published: 03-09-2019


The perfect antidote to the digital age. This book celebrates twenty artisans around the world who are breathing new life into traditional crafts.

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This book is a celebration of tactile beauty and a tribute to human ingenuity. In-depth profiles tell the stories of 20 artisans who have devoted their lives to preserving traditional techniques. Gorgeous photographs reveal these craftspeople’s studios, from Oaxaca to Kyoto and from Milan to Tennessee. Two essays explore the challenges and rewards of engaging deeply with the past. With an elegant three-piece case and foil stamping, this rich volume will be an inspiration to makers, collectors, and history lovers.

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Dimensions 203 × 279 mm
Page Count 208