All On The Board: Inspirational quotes from the TfL underground duo

All on the Board

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Published: 26-11-2020


The debut full colour collection of iconic quotes, messages, boards and stories from TfL employees and dynamic duo, All on the Board – to bring joy and positivity to readers’ days!

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*THE PERFECT BOOK TO BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY – A GIFT OF HOPE, POSITIVITY, OPENNESS AND LOVE FOR ANY OCCASION* Transport for London employees and dynamic masked duo, All on the Board (aka Jeremy and Ian), made it their mission to bring smiles to the faces of London commuters through writing creative messages, quotes and poems on the underground’s service information boards. ‘We were tired of looking at a board that just said “keep right” and thought can’t we do something a bit more fun?’. Fast-forward 3 years, they’ve grown a community of 750,000+ online fans and have a plethora of celebrity supporters. Through their magical words, they’ve marked momentous occasions, celebrated countless artists, legends and heroes, raised awareness of mental health and hidden illnesses and sprinkled thousands of our daily journeys with positivity, humour and love. Their kind messages remind us all that we’re in it together and now, with their beautiful, colourful collection of quotes, stories and drawings you can add joy to your day wherever you are and however you’re feeling. CHAPTERS INCLUDE: Positively Positive, Raising Awareness, Love, Always Remembered, Random Pleasures & Simple Treasures, Mental Health, Legends, Real Life Heroes, Occasions & Celebrations, London, It It Together’During the darkest days of lockdown your positively uplifting words never failed to put a smile on my face. Thank you for the inspiration and love that you spread. Don’t ever stop lifting us with your unique brand of joy and humour.’ – TESS DALY’All On The Board just show how much we need to feel connected… you often say exactly what we need to hear at exactly the right time. Always positive, always kind. You make me smile. Sometimes you’ve made me cry. Keep doing what you are doing . . . we are so very grateful for you.’ – DAVINA MCCALL

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