Adventures of Pinocchio, The

Anna Kraczyna, Carlo Collodi, John Hooper

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Published: 2nd Dec '21


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A fresh new translation of Collodi’s cherished classic of childhood adventureCarved from a piece of magical wood by the old carpenter Geppetto, the puppet Pinocchio comes to life and is almost immediately cast into a series of extraordinary misadventures. Featuring mischievous animals, a wise cricket and, of course, a nose that grows, The Adventurous of Pinocchio is one of the world’s most beloved fairy tales.This sparkling new translation by John Hooper and Anna Kraczyna captures the rascally spirit that makes the playful and easily distracted Pinocchio an icon of children’s literature, while also revealing the novel’s quiet message about the dangers of social inequality and the duty of kindness humans owe one another.

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