1001 Whiskies You Must Try Before You Die

Dominic Roskrow

Format: Paperback / softback

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group

Published: 4th Oct '18


The only reference guide to whiskies you will ever need.

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Time-honoured, luxurious and naturally made, whisky has a noble heritage unparalleled by any other spirit. 1001 Whiskies You Must Try Before You Die takes you on a fascinating global whisky tour – from Scotland and Ireland through North America, Japan, India and the rest of the world, providing insight into the 1001 best and most exciting whiskies ever made – from the established classics, such as Scotland’s Springbank, to emerging greats from Japan.Each evocative review traces the heritage of the single malt, grain, blend or bourbon selected, and reveals the particular production methods used in its formation. Detailed and tantalizing tasting notes complete the text – whether tempting your palate with light citrusy flavours, warm, spicy overtones, or hints of everything from earthy peat and bitter chocolate to sweet syrup. An invaluable resource for whisky afficionados everywhere, 1001 Whiskies You Must Try Before You Die explores the traditional tipple’s incredible diversity, introduces you to a host of often new, and sometimes rare, finds, and is sure to enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of the drink in all its forms. A unique and inspirational guide to the mouthwatering world of whisky.

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