Donation Page for Local School Libraries

As independent booksellers, we think that every child should have access to a wide variety of books and hope to play a part in fostering a lifelong love of reading in kids. We have an excellent relationship with our local schools and have been helping them restock their library, with the generous support of parents and donators. We’ve created this page to allow you to donate towards purchasing books for the libraries at some of Portobello’s local schools. We work closely with the schools to find out which books would be most valuable for them, and our team also curate lists of suggested new and exciting titles that would be great for children to have access to.

Below you can choose the school you’d like to help buy books for – simply enter the amount you wish to give and we’ll use 100% of your donation to purchase books for each school. You can also make a general donation to all the schools that we work with, which will be shared equally between them.

Many thanks for any support you can offer!

Make a General Donation to All Schools Here:



Donate to Brunstane Primary School’s Library Here:


brunstane school logo

Brunstane Primary School

106 Magdalene Dr, Edinburgh EH15 3BE




Donate to Towerbank Primary School’s Library Here:


towerbank primary logo

Towerbank Primary School

Figgate Bank, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 1HX




Donate to Hermitage Park Primary School’s Library Here:


Hermitage Park Primary School

Hermitage Park, Edinburgh EH6 8HD




Donate to Duddingston Primary School’s Library Here:


Duddingston Primary School
70A Duddingston Road, Edinburgh EH15 1SW