How to DAD

Jordan Watson author

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Published: 26th Oct '16

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Well-known for his funny videos on Facebook and YouTube, Jordan Watson shares his best parenting stories and tricks.How to DAD wrote a book?! Well I scribbled some stuff down and some other people were crazy enough to publish it so I'll take it! I'm known for making silly viral parenting videos on things like 'How to get a baby to clean the house' or 'How to travel with a baby' and I've put my Dad skills on paper. OK they might not be 'skills' - but the Dad 'stuff' in this book might just help you in your quest to master the art of Dadding. Dadding? Is that a thing...? Well you'll have to buy this book to find out. NAILED IT! Back of book bit - Done.

ISBN: 9781877505850

Dimensions: 160mm x 150mm x 11mm

Weight: 265g

160 pages