Islands of the Evening

Journeys to the Edge of the World

Alistair Moffat author

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Birlinn General

Published: 6th Oct '22



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Fourteen centuries ago, Irish saints brought the Word of God to the Hebrides and Scotland’s Atlantic shore. In this book, Alistair Moffat journeys from the island of Eileach an Naoimh at the mouth of the Firth of Lorne to Lismore, Iona and then north to Applecross, searching for traces of these extraordinary men.

'[an] exploration of Scotland's past through the eyes of a scholarly hiker ... Magnificent' - New Statesman, Books of the Year

Fourteen centuries ago, Irish saints journeyed to the Hebrides and Scotland's Atlantic shore. They sought spiritual solitude in remote places, but their mission was also to spread the word of God to the peoples of Scotland. Columba was the most famous of these pioneers who rowed their curraghs towards danger and uncertainty in a pagan land, but the many others are now largely forgotten.

Alistair Moffat sets off in search of these elusive figures. As he follows in their footsteps, he finds their traces not so much in tangible remains as in the spirit and memory of the places that lay at the very edge of their world. 

'An exploration of Scotland's past through the eyes of a scholarly hiker ... magnificent'

* New Statesman *

'Delightful ... Moffat's writing is at its most fascinating when he writes about his own experience'

* Church Times *

'See Scotland's shores in a new light on Alistair's journey'

* Scots Magazine *

'A lively and sometimes humorous account for a popular audience and whilst meticulously researched, he captures the spirit of beauty of the 'thin place' between heaven and earth'

-- Lynne McNeil * Life and Work *

'Moffat writes sensitively and informatively about early monasticism... His book is also full of fascinating asides on more recent spiritual and religious currents and controversies in these regions, and makes for a satisfying and compelling travelogue'

-- Ian Bradley * Church Times *

'Moffat has a gift for putting readers at ease and bringing history alive... part social history, part travelogue, part religious hymnal, this is a charming book'

-- Megan Amato * Scottish Field *

'Moffat uncovers the monastic communities, linked by piety and seacraft, that once girded the Atlantic like so many prayer beads. A compulsive read'

* The Tabl

ISBN: 9781780278018

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